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Quotes from happy clients or their families:

A past and present client.... SS&B helped her with her husband years ago and helps her currently.

"You are such a God send to us. Thank you for being patient and persistent... you show God's love to us in everything you do for all of us."                         - R.R.


"SonShine & Blessings was the Lord's help for our parents' care.  Joyce was an advocate in their care, coordinating appointments, keeping medical histories and meds lists current to help with the doctors' care, etc.  Our mother was able to live independently longer. SonShine was truly a blessing to our family!!!"   -M.G.

SS&B's very 1st client, "still kicking, but not too high" after nine full years of service.

-August, 2013

“SonShine & Blessings exposed all of my children to true musical teaching in a class setting. It also enabled my oldest daughter to discover a God-given talent for stringed instruments. The God-centered lessons and encouraging teacher were a great blessing to our entire family.”           -T.M.

"Without the services of SonShine & Blessings and the caring ministry of Joyce Frank our family would not have been able to leave mother in her home where she was happiest for as long as we did. Joyce loved and cared for Mother for many years."     -P.C.

"Joyce Frank and SonShine & Blessings is a loving lifesaver to me and my family. Joyce is supportive, loving, helpful and tenacious and I will never be able to thank her often enough. I only wish we could clone her so that we could have more of her."                   -R.R.

"SonShine & Blessings was such a huge blessing to my life. It was because of this ministry that I was able to start taking guitar lessons, something that I had wanted to do for years. I progressed from playing simple chords, to being able to do rhythm and lead on the guitar - and then moved on to play the banjo! Mrs. Joyce is a wonderful instructor who is so patient with students and always such an encouragement. The work that SonShine & Blessings does makes an impact on so many people’s lives - from the young musicians to the elderly men and women who need a ride to a doctor's appointment or help around the house. The work that they do is irreplaceable and such an evidence of the love of Christ."      -A.M.

“There is no better way to express how I feel, about the SonShine & Blessings I receive upon each visit of my new helping hands and friends.”       -J.N.

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